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SIMATIC IPC677D (Panel pC)

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High performance and flexibility with Intel® processors (Xeon, Core i3, Celeron)

The all in one Panel PC SIMATIC IPC677D is distinguished by its high performance, openness and expandability. Modern display technology with multitouch or singletouch control offers also trend-setting machine control and visualization possibilities.

Equipped with a brilliant and durable full HD Display it combines great processing power with lucid visualization. With an optional RAID configuration the IPC677D meets high demands on system availability for mission critical applications.Two PCI expansion slots offer the flexibility to integrate diverse applications.
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Area of application

With its robust industrial design the Panel PC SIMATIC IPC677D has been designed for use directly at the machine. Due to the scalable performance and great number of possible device variants the IPC677D is suitable for all tasks in the area of PC-based automation even in case of higher requirements concerning the availability of the complete system.


  • High performance and extremely fast system response:
    – Intel® processors (Intel Xeon, Core i3, Celeron)
    – Powerful onboard HD graphics integrated into the CPU
    – Up to 16 GByte main memory

  • Extremely high system availability and data security:
    – RAID 1 system with onboard RAID controller- Solid-state drive (SSD) with 240 GB (SATA, SLC)
    – ECC RAM, work memory with error correction for maximum data integrity and system stability
    – Retentive data memory for storing the process data after a voltage drop

  • Remote access via Intel AMT 9.0

  • Optional PROFIBUS or PROFINET IRT interfaces for cost-effective connection of distributed field devices or to couplings with SIMATIC S7

  • High data transmission rates and redundancy thanks to two teaming-capable Gigabit Ethernet connections

  • 5 x high-speed USB 3.0 ports, one of which is arranged on the front of the Singletouch versions (the Multitouch versions have 4 x USB 3.0 on one side)

  • Energy-efficient Industrial PC:
    – Low power consumption thanks to the latest mobile technology
    – Wake-on-LAN functionality for timed start-up of the IPC over the network, e.g. after a shutdown weekend.

Design and functions

The SIMATIC IPC677D comes with a 19' or a 22' full HD single- or multitouch screen in widescreen format for an efficient visualization and operation of the machine. The new multitouch displays are designed with a glass front and offers also IP65 protection like the singletouch front.

For applications without a central display needed, a version without display is available as Box PC SIMATIC IPC627D.

The SIMATIC IPC677D is equipped with powerful processors (Intel Xeon, Core i3, Celeron). Thanks to the use of mobile processors with low power losses, 24-hour/365-daycontinuous operation is also possible at high ambient temperatures without any performance losses.

For application in the food and beverages industry an INOX version with 15'' touch display based on the hardware platform of the SIMATIC IPC677C is available.


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