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High performance and high expansion capability – with the latest generation of Intel® processors (Xeon, Core i3 and Celeron)

The Box PC SIMATIC IPC827D is a rugged and flexibly expandable control cabinet PC for machine-level use in 24-hour continuous operation at ambient temperatures of up to 55 °C.

Flexible scaling and expansion thanks to five slots:

  • 3 x PCI

  • 1 x PCIe x16

  • 1 x PCIe x4

For configuring low-maintenance systems without a harddisk, the IPC827D can be equipped with a solid-state drive with 240 GB (SATA). Higher requirements regarding data availability can be realized with a RAID1 system.

Design and functions

  • Rugged design and long-term availability. With the same footprint, the IPC827D is compatible with the SIMATIC IPC627D in terms of functionality and image.
    For central operator control and monitoring applications, the SIMATIC IPC677D Panel PC offers the same features combined with a brilliant full HD display.

  • Fast diagnostics of the operating state and display of the BIOS start procedure with four status and alarm LEDs.

  • An externally accessible battery compartment allows fast, simple battery replacement, even during operation.

  • Flexible installation in control cabinets with a high level of user friendliness due to front/portrait assembly kit and mounting brackets at ambient temperatures. All function elements and interfaces can therefore be accessed from the front.


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